Who We Are



Starting in 1988, TCDI has worked on some of the United States largest litigation and developed software and databases to streamline the process for their cases and eDiscovery. Catering to our large corporate and law firm clients has been our traditional model but now with CVFox®, we have been able to customize our flagship platform, ClarVergence®, to scale from simple to complex. We currently host more than a half a petabyte of data for our clients and have now opened up our offering to serve our entire legal community.

TCDI is a Lean Six Sigma company with nearly all employees certified from yellow belt to black belt where we focus as individuals and a company on continuous process improvement. TCDI is based in Greensboro, NC and boasts a highly secure Tier 3 data center with security layers that would make Wall Street blush. Our focus is our clients and our industry as we feel a responsibility to improve processes that make litigation fair by giving access to the best technology for your specific review.

Because of our history, experience and technology, we created CVFox to cater specifically to the case-level projects that is relevant to much of the industry and allow everyone to operate on a level playing field. To learn more about TCDI check us out here.