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The CVFox® team has been a leading eDiscovery partner for our clients since 1988 by focusing on specialized client needs. The origami fox is indicative of a masterful amalgamation of data processing, complex databases, workflows, and review strategies all folded into a simplified SAAS product.

Let us show you how CVFox can streamline your review processes.

Predictable Pricing

CVFox – simplicity is in the name and so should the pricing for access to it. Our pricing model is simple. It is based off of your unexpanded source data size and is billed only off of what you ingest into CVFox. For example, if a 10 gigabyte PST expands to 20 gigabytes we are only charging off of the original source data size. All other container files, we calculate the volumes of the native data size and simply calculate the total size of data within all successive container files. That is it. Simple like we said, right?

If not, let us further elaborate. That pricing for the use of CVFox includes everything. We mean it. Processing, hosting, training, product support, CAAT Analytics, Cases, Custodians, Workflows, Productions…get where we are going with this? Everything.

Now, not all reviews are created equal and every now and then, our clients like to leverage the expertise of our seasoned (average 8 years at TCDI) Project Architects. Should you like to leverage this group of professionals, we simply bill by the hour. Their goals will always align with yours – fastest point from data ingestion to production. Our team consists of recovering attorneys, former paralegals, litigation support personnel who also like relax and spend time with their families, so never any inflated hours, but will take ownership of your project and see it through.

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