The Process



CVFox® decreases the need to send data anywhere to be processed for review. Follow a few simple steps and you have the data processing faster than it would take to call someone. Once you click “GO” your data is getting securely transferred to a highly secure, Tier 3 data center where Discovery WorkFlow® (DWF) lights up and begins parsing the metadata with a large farm of “server-soldiers.”

Based off of your settings, DWF will cull the data based off of duplicates, NIST files or date range. No need to clutter CVFox with unnecessary data, so all that will show are documents you want to see.


Whether you are investigating your data or direct to review, the culmination of 28 years of helping firms with complex litigation, we have review covered. Your workflow can be customized to be a simple linear review of your data or take advantage of data analytics to organize your data for a logical review. CAAT Analytics is present in any review you would like and is blended in a way that allows any reviewer to quickly understand and review more efficiently.

Utilizing concept clustering, data categorization, finding similar documents or email threads is very important to get to what you need quickly. Oddly enough, even MORE important is that this process is simple to do. CVFox has been designed to help any level of sophisticated user grow in their review strategies. You know what? Just try it out, you’ll see.


CVFox is simple from one end to the next, and productions are exactly that. Simply select the options for export and your production will be packaged up and delivered to you precisely how you want them.