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You are exploring a platform that has been in use and improved upon before eDiscovery existed and has remained ahead of the curve by utilizing the latest in technological trends. You will soon experience the first class platform that is in use with our sophisticated and litigious clients. CVFox is the solution in use today to tackle some of the largest litigation cases. Some of our clients include:


The Sedona Conference exists to allow leading jurists, lawyers, experts, academics and others at the cutting edge of issues in the area of antitrust law, complex litigation and intellectual property rights to come together — in conferences and mini-think tanks (Working Groups) — to engage in true dialogue, not debate, in an effort to move the law forward in a reasoned and just way. TCDI is proud to contribute to and support The Sedona Conference as a Working Group Series sponsor and as a member of the eDiscovery RFP+ Vendor Panel.

Content Analyst  is a leading developer of advanced analytics for searching and analyzing unstructured text. Content Analyst’s unique patented software provides advanced Conceptual Search based on Latent Semantic Indexing – a mathematical technique that enables CAAT, Content Analyst Company’s search platform – to acquire all its search intelligence from the actual documents being indexed. TCDI leverages technology from Content Analyst Company to provide enhanced concept based analytics.

The Product Liability Advisory Council, Inc. (PLAC) is a non-profit association with more than 100 corporate members representing a broad cross-section of American and international product manufacturers. These companies seek to contribute to the improvement and reform of law in the United States and elsewhere, with emphasis on the law governing the liability of manufacturers of products. PLAC’s perspective is derived from the experiences of a corporate membership that spans a diverse group of industries in various facets of the manufacturing sector. TCDI is pleased to partner with PLAC as a consultant to litigation technology issues, as well as hosting PLAC’s Knowledge Base.

The Electronic Discovery Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to resolving electronic discovery challenges by conducting studies that measure the relative merits of new discovery technologies, methods and processes. Additionally, the Institute focuses specifically on educating attorneys, judges, and IT and information governance professionals. TCDI is an active sponsor of EDI’s mission and is involved in the Leadership Committee of the EDI Distance Learning initiative.

EDRM develops guidelines and standards for e-discovery consumers and providers. From the original model to the current projects, EDRM has helped e-discovery consumers and providers reduce the cost, time and manual work associated with e-discovery. EDRM consists of eight projects, whose participants work to establish guidelines, set standards and deliver resources. TCDI is an active participant with EDRM in the dialogue involving these important industry issues.

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The Masters Conference brings together leading experts and professionals from law firms, corporations and the bench to develop strategies, practices and resources for managing the information life cycle.

Masters Conference is a boutique educational forum where a select group of speakers, vendors and attendees convene to engage in a proactive collaboration on current challenges in the legal space. As a global legal conference, Masters Conference takes the lead to differentiate itself while consistently raising the bar as the most well-respected conference in the legal technology industry.