Rick Clark

About Rick Clark

Rick Clark is the senior sales director for TCDI. In this role, he is instrumental in helping clients review complex data and as a result, is currently rolling out CVFox, a newly released SaaS product that will allow firms and corporations to easily upload data for processing, review (with CAAT Analytics) and production at a predictable pricing structure.

Rick started in the legal industry in 2002 working for a litigation support company where he began consulting with law firms on paper and electronic discovery. As eDiscovery began to grow, his path took him to deploying software in data processing and forensics. In 2006, he became a co-founder of Wave Software for high volume unstructured data culling for a more streamlined review. The company quickly grew in the emerging eDiscovery market and as a result, he co-founded The Masters Conference to bring thought leaders together for education on the evolving best legal practices. In 2012, he began working in the complex data/document review with iCONECT and began to consult with corporations, the federal government and law firms in complex review. Rick joined TCDI in 2014.

Rick has a Communications degree in Journalism from Liberty University.

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