CVFox - Fast, Agile, Cunning Review

Whether you are inside or outside counsel you now have full control of your data. Point to the source data, review with concept analytics, tag and produce.

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Outfox your opposition with CAAT® Analytics in any review

Analytics, like filtering or tagging, should be a part of every review without added expense. Use it if it makes sense or don’t…it is YOUR choice.

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Finding the elusive fox in your review

Also called the smoking gun, the nature of data is that key data is hard to find. Whether your data set is hundreds or millions of documents, CVFox will lead the way.

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Who leverages CVFox?

Any corporate in-house or law firm who has data, needs to quickly review it and produce and everywhere in-between. Our clever clients solve problems daily with CVFox.

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Affordable end-to-end discovery has been the elusive fox of our industry…until now.

Simply and securely upload your data.
Conduct your assessments and investigations.
Organize, review and produce!

Best technology and predictable pricing!

Predictable Per Gigabyte Pricing off of non-expanded data volumes.
No need to settle when a case has merit.
Now you have the proper tools for fast access to key data!

Explore what CVFox can do for you!